"Hi Robert! Our daughter and friends had a great time on the scavenger hunt. We would highly recommend it to others. Thanks so much!"


Kim (Family Hunt, September 2016)

Highlands Ranch, CO

"It was great experience to do this event. Kids and parents had a wonderful time. This was a complete different experience and touring Downtown. It was a great pleasure to meet you and work with you."

Komal (Both Family and Adult hunt, June 2016)

Denver, Colorado


"Thank you! That was a perfect way to spend a portion of our 14 hour layover. My 15 year old granddaughter had a blast."

Debra (Family hunt, June 2016)

Ogden, Utah

"Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and a couple people from Canada participated and appreciated seeing Denver and learning some history."

Patti (Customized Hunt)

Molson Coors Brewing Company


"It was a great event. We had 5 teams of 5 or 6. Everyone loved the idea and the clues. 
We ended with ice cream and awards. Everyone got really competitive and had fun teasing one another. 

The Birthday Boy loves the fun. 

Thank you!  It was a huge success!!"

Natalie (Customized Hunt)

Denver, Colorado


"Kudos to Robert and the team for pulling together a great tour that led us around Denver and explored some great spots. The tour was a great combination of history and sightseeing set within an adventure/scavenger-hunt that was challenging enough to be fun yet easy enough to not stress about. You’ll get to see some cool places, learn a bit, and just have fun! As one of my teen girls put it, “that was the best tour ever!” High praise but well deserved."

We no longer offer the Denver Mint Robbery tour. The reviews below are for reference only.


Austin, Texas

"We really enjoyed this adventure, what great way to see downtown Denver, get some exercise and search for clues to the next stop. The period actors were really good. Thanks"


San Antonio, Texas


"We thoroughly enjoyed our tour - great actors, excellent organization, and even nice folks with our group. We've been on other tours in other cities and this is one of the best.  Thanks again for a great time."

Sharon F

Longmont, CO


"You all did an excellent job of weaving us into the past and helping us understand where we live!

Keep up the great work -- we'll be recommending you.

Keith & Deb

Denver, CO

"Yuse guys are the cats pajamas. 

Seriously what a fun time. The kids, Connie and I had a blast and learned a few things.  An Amazing day for all of us courtesy of you all. This was the best deal ever!!!"

Marty and Connie

Centennial, CO


"Thanks for the fun! We thoroughly enjoyed following the series of clues all across town on this amazing race to help Flo track down the 1922 Denver mint robbers. A 5-star adventure and a "must do" attraction for anyone planning a visit to Denver."

Lisette and Joe

San Antonio, TX

"I booked the Denver In & Out Tour as a way for me and my 12 year old daughter to have fun together and see the sights of Denver at the same time. It was GREAT!! My daughter has not stopped talking about it and agrees it was the highlight of our trip to Denver. The clues were just the right difficulty to provide a challenge. We completed the tour in about 2 1/2 hours - which was "just right". And, the actors were top notch! This is an absolute MUST DO!"


Wichita, Kansas

"Thank you so much for our fun-filled day.  We talked about it off and on all day.  You really got us at the Blue Bear stop.  This was fun for the whole family and we will never forget our experience with you today.  This is such a great idea and we thank you for all you put in to it."


New Mexico

"Roger and I had a great time on Saturday’s tour. Although we have lived in the Denver area for more than 25 years, we don’t get downtown very often. It was so much fun to have such fun tour through the downtown area and to figure out the clues."


Littleton, Colorado


"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable day.  As visitors from out-of-town we found ourselves learning about Downtown Denver and a piece of notorious history in a fun, interactive and challenging event.  The cast of Denver Inside and Out were a delight - stepping right out of the 1920s history book, not only in costume, but also mannerisms and lingo.  When we needed a bit of extra help we found that Denver was full of people willing to show us where a certain landmark was located.  We would definitely recommend this activity to anyone looking for something new to do.  Denver Inside and Out is creative, refreshing and out of the ordinary."

Diana B
Canton, Connecticut

"Our family took the "Mint Tour" on Thursday morning.  It was one of the neatest adventures we have ever had.  We all learned something new about Denver, and each of us came away with a new appreciation of the history that has evolved into the city we know today.  We were impressed with the variety of the clues, their form as well as difficulty.  It was an extremely hot day, but no one complained; we were all so focused on following the clue and anticipating what lay ahead.  You were able to keep each of us engaged.  Thank you for taking the time to research this event and present it to us in such a creative manner. We really enjoyed having real, "once-alive" people share their perspectives.  The reporter was great!  She was so dramatic and believable. It was fun that she suggested  we take a picture with her.  We also liked the tourist asking to have her picture taken and then giving us a clue in such a clever way.  You are an hidden treasure of things to do in Denver.  We are definitely going to do our part to get the word out.  This activity is something everyone should get to experience.  Thank you for making it possible for our family.  We really had a great day!"

Dale, Shelley, Bailey, Ryann and Cole Pierce


"One of the best, exciting ways to see Denver and learn some history. Fun for the whole family!  Honestly, after growing up in the Denver suburbs and taking all the typical tours, this by far, beats them all.  It felt like a new adventure through a city I thought I knew so well."      

Becky and Noelle P
Arvada, Colorado  





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