Jennifer Lynne Jorgenson

Jen was born and raised in Colorado, and is so blessed to call this home! She has been acting professionally in all parts of the country and across the globe! She has currently ended an acting stint in the UK; touring across England and visiting different parts of the gorgeous county! You can see Jen in various plays around the greater Denver area, as well as on tv! Jen is represented by Donna Baldwin Talent Agency. And she would like to thank her family and friends for the support throughout the years. Jen gives all glory to God! Enjoy the tour!  2 Cor.4:6.


Matt Lang

Matt is one of the last few natives of Colorado, as it seems everyone else is moving to this beautiful state. For nearly three decades he has lived in the SW region of Denver. Matt has been acting for the better part of the last 15 years, but professionally only the last two. He holds a BA in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado. Someday he might teach other's the craft that he loves to do, but since acting is working out so well for him at the moment, he might just stick with it. He is incredibly humbled to be a part of this company, as Colorado history has always been important to him. Enjoy the tour!!

Elizabeth Sheron

Although Elizabeth was born in Texas, she has spent most of her life in Denver. She holds a Bachelors of Music Performance, but began seriously studying the great art of acting only after she finished school. Within about a month of studying acting, she landed her first leading role in a theatrical production, and has has been acting ever since. She has gone on to play roles in popular plays such as Harvey and Oklahoma! Her life can best be described through the quote: We live our lives on an open stage where the players wander to and fro. We read our lines from an empty page. Ah, no fear we know



Denver Inside and Out LLC is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Amy and Robert Cashel.

Amy, a long-time Colorado resident, brings over 17 years of event marketing experience.  She helped produce and manage a wide variety of events including: triathlons, runs/walks, snowshoe, and Nordic ski events.

Most recently she spent ten years in the sales department with the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche professional sports franchise.

Robert is a New York native and after a successful aviation career has become the chief bean counter and is the jack-of-all trades within the company.



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