Here are some examples of our Clues:

•       What is the name of the artist who created the “Blue Bear”

•        Take a team picture of the statue dedicated to Branch Rickey.

We currently offer four options of the Urban Adventure Scavenger Hunt. All of our hunts will be delivered to you in a format that can be printed or viewed on most smart phones or tablets:

  1. The Family Hunt. 10 questions written with the whole family in mind. Suggested for groups up to 20-$29.95. This per event not per person.
  2. The Adult Hunt. 10 questions for Adults to enjoy. Group size up to 20-$29.95. This per event not per person.
  3. Adult team building event 20 questions. Suggested for groups between 10 and 20-$49.95. This per event not per person..
  4. For larger groups we offer a customize able scavenger hunt that begins at $200.00.  This gets you some unique customized clues with answers and phone support before and during you hunt. With this option we will work with you to create a unique outing for your office or any other event you can think of.

At an additional cost you can select:

•             Help starting your Hunt $75.00 (1-2 people & printed clues. We would need you to break the group into teams of approximately 4 people each)

•             Score the Hunt $100.00 (2 people - scoring will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes after all teams are in- this is based on a 2 hour Hunt)

•             Announce the results $100.00

If you would like tables, tents or a sound system these would all be at an additional cost.




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